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Battleship Puzzles

battleships Battleships is a fun puzzle a little like the game you might have played when you were younger where you need to deduce the location of battleships in the water. Here are the full Rules and information on using our online battleships player.

You can play a Sample battleships puzzle here. As you can see from the image to the right, which shows a fully completed battleships puzzle grid, the aim is to work out where the ships in the puzzle go. With each puzzle you'll be told what the fleet is, and have to work out where the ships are placed, knowing that no ships can touch horizontally, vertically or diagonally, and bearing in mind that the numbers around the edge of the grid tell you how many ship segments are placed in that respective row or column.

Print Battleships Puzzles

New! As of April 2011, we've added a selection of 20 fantastic Battleships puzzles for members to download, print and play at their leisure. If you're logged in, the list of puzzles will appear below: if not then please either log in or Register to become a member of the Puzzle Club.

Remember that battleships (the one-player version of the game) is a game of logic, so there is only one solution to each puzzle and it can be reached through the use of logical rules. A good idea to get started is to look at what must be water placed around the ships or in 0 rows and columns, then to look at regions with the largest numbers as often you can work out that these must contain the largest ships in some order... there are a large range of logical insights that you'll find whilst solving these puzzles and that is half the joy of them.

Members can also play an easy, medium and hard battleships puzzle through the links below:

Prefer to play on paper? We've got a collection of 100 puzzles in our Battleships Puzzle Book.