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Modula is a brand-new type of logic puzzle from creators Vexus Puzzle Design. As you know, we offer only the best puzzles to our discerning Puzzle Club members and are pleased to extend our huge selection of online puzzle types with this excellent addition. There is one sample puzzle below and then ten new puzzles exclusively for members inside.

How to Play

Modula is easy to play. Simply place the numbers from 0 - 9 exactly once in each of the white and shaded hexagons in the grid. The number in a white hexagon is the sum of the numbers in the neighbouring shaded hexagons. The twist is that only the final digit of the total is used. For instance, if a white hexagon was bordered by two shaded hexagons containing '9' and '8' respectively, the value of the white hexagon is '7', because 9 + 8 = 17 and we take the final digit.

Sample Puzzle

sample modula

Good luck! We recommend printing this page out and completing on paper. We would welcome any feedback you have on the Modula puzzle and if there is sufficient interest we will look to develop an interactive online player tool.

Once you have given it a go, here's the solution.

Now members may enjoy ten more modula puzzles here at the Puzzle Club - if you're not already a member, simply Register Now!

More Modula

mini modula mini modula
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