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5 Best Slot Machine Games for Puzzle Fans

Online casinos have become a real hit among fans of gambling that prefer to play their favourite casino games without leaving the comfort of their home. Considering the fact that the remote gaming industry is constantly growing, game developers such as Playtech, NetEnt and BetSoft focused on producing exciting and rewarding titles that people will love. As a result, the selection of slot machines is constantly growing and the theme variety is constantly improving; therefore, aside from the classic slots that feature fruits and bars and reel machines based on movies, today we also can play slots based on board games, fairy tales and puzzles.

Since learning more about operators is easy thanks to reviewing sites, for example you can check out this detailed review of Leo Vegas at PureMicrogaming.com, we decided to focus this article on slot games; more precisely, we would like to introduce our readers with the top slot machines, which should be extremely attractive to fans of puzzles. Keep reading and possibly you'll have a new favourite slot machine fairly soon.

Totally Puzzled

Even though this game was released back in 2005 by IGT and it seems a bit simplistic when compared to latest slots, Totally Puzzled is still a great option for fans of puzzles. The game features 5 reels and 20 paylines, but the main reason why it's so great are the numerous bonus features. The symbols of the game are various puzzles and each of them earns players a different prize. Regardless whether you get several labyrinths or a jigsaw puzzle of a dolphin, you'll definitely be reminded of the things you love the most - solving puzzles and winning cash.

Casino Magic Jigsaw Puzzle Slots

Well, this game is in fact developed for iOS devices only and it's available to download at the iTunes Store. Therefore, it's not really a standard online slot machine. Nonetheless, this is probably the closest players will get to a jigsaw puzzle slot, considering the fact that the symbols featured on this game are actual jigsaw puzzle pieces. Depending on the piece's colour and shape you can expect some juicy rewards. Keep in mind, though, that real money gambling is not an option here.

Cubis Slots

Cryptologic has always been known as a provider that tries to surprise its fans with innovative slots, regardless whether the innovation is spotted in the design, layout or the special features. Cubis is one of the developer's titles that possibly covers all three segments in terms of innovation because the setting is kind of a three dimensional and instead of traditional reels there are cubes in different colours. The game has 15 paylines, whose number can be changed, and interesting winning patterns formed by cubes in the same colour. When it comes to special features, many of the cubes come with special powers such as line bomb, square bomb and nuclear bomb; hence, you know the gameplay will be bombastic!

Zuma Slots

Zuma is a popular tile-matching puzzle video game by PopCap Games that was first released back in 2003. Blueprint Gaming had the idea to include the game's recognisable design and tiles on one of its best-established reel machines; the slot was simply named Zuma Slots. This is most certainly one of the top picks among fans of puzzles because it's based on a really famous game; plus, the provider was well aware of the responsibility it had, thus it's noticeable that Blueprint Gaming invested a lot of time and effort to come up with an attractive product.

Jenga Slots

Often described as a puzzle slot or an Arcade slot, Jenga Slots by Cryptologic is very similar to the previously mentioned game Cubis. The machine includes 18 paylines and tiles instead of reels. In fact, the design of the tiles reminds us of the iconic game Tetris and that's the reason why this slot will be interesting to puzzle fans. All the tiles have the shame shape, but they're differently coloured; matching several tiles in the same colour is the recipe for winning cash.

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