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16x16 Sudoku

16x16 sudoku puzzle

Large 16 x 16 sudoku puzzles remain a popular puzzle, being a larger version of the standard 9x9 puzzle that has taken the world by storm.

In the larger sudoku puzzle, the rules are the same, but the numbers are different. In fact, in 16 x 16 sudoku you need to place the numbers from 0 - 9 and then from A - F, and you need to place them once in each row, column and this time 4x4 box rather than 3x3 box.

The jump up in size from 9x9 to 16x16 is quite steep: as you go from having 81 cells in the puzzle up to 256 cells in the puzzle! Therefore don't be surprised if it takes quite a long time to get into the puzzle, and it may take several hours in order to solve a puzzle, depending on your experience in solving the larger puzzles.

Incase you get stuck, or just need to check your progress, all the solutions are included and are on the second page of each PDF. That way if you are unsure of a digit near the start, then you can check the solution without ploughing on for hours only to realise at the last minute that you made a mistake and have to go all the way back again. That said you should resist the temptation to rely on the solution to the puzzle whilst you are solving it, and remember that you will never need to guess whilst solving these sudoku puzzles and it has one unique solution.

If you would like to download and print a sample puzzle, then you can click this link to the first 16x16 sudoku puzzle

For members, there are a total of 25 16x16 sudoku puzzle PDFs available to download and print off. If you are logged in now, then the links will appear below. If you are not logged in yet, or are not a member (surely not!) then be sure to remember (there are loads of other great puzzles at the Puzzle Club to play too).