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ABC Logic Puzzles

Welcome to the ABC Logic Puzzle section of the Puzzle Club, a new addition to the Puzzle selection on offer.

This fun logic puzzle requires you to place the letters A, B, C and two spaces (which are easiest marked with 'X's) in each row and column. Each row and column must contain that exact combination, so in this sense it is a little like sudoku.

You will notice letters placed around the edge of the grid. These letters indicate that the specific letter must be the first letter to appear in that row or column. So the 'B' above the second column indicates that 'B' appears first in that row or column, so you know the first cell must be a 'B' or a space, because if it were 'A' or 'C' then 'B' would not appear first in the column. If you are a little unsure, then take a peek at the sample solution to see how the puzzle works.

For members, we have 60 Graded Difficulty ABC Puzzles on offer - simply click the link to play lots and lots of fun ABC Logic Puzzles.

Here is a sample puzzle. Simply use your mouse to click in a cell and enter its value, or enter more than one letter at once as pencilmarks, e.g 'abcx'. Once working on the puzzle, you may find it easier to 'tab' and 'shift tab' to move forward or back through the ABC logic puzzle grid. When you have finished, simply click 'View Solution' to see whether you got it right or not!

B     C
  C C  

When you have finished - or if you are stuck and want some help - then click View Solution [opens in new window]