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You may not have heard of Fillomino, for the simple reason that it is not usually seen in the UK, Europe and USA. However books of nothing but Fillomino have been published in Japan, and there is a link below to an excellent collection of 100 Fillomino puzzles published by Pearson.

With fillomino, every single cell of the puzzle must contain a number, between '1' and the total size of the puzzle! Your job is to determine what number goes in each cell using just the rules and your brain power! As the rules are quite involved it is best to look at the Fillomino Strategies to get a good feel for these and how to solve the puzzles.

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  • Fillomino Puzzle Book

    fillomino book You can also buy this fantastic book containing 100 Fillomino puzzles for you to enjoy at Amazon.

    The book is split into different levels:

    • Easy Fillomino
    • Moderate Fillomino
    • Harder Fillomino

    Fillomino is quick and fun to play, and so this puzzle book would be ideal to take on holiday or to do whilst commuting to and from work.

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