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Samurai Sudoku Puzzles

Samurai sudoku is the name given to a set of overlapping sudoku puzzles. Samurai puzzles usually contain 2, 3 or 5 puzzles that overlap in one box region. Due to their large size it is difficult to play these puzzles online, therefore our samurai sudoku puzzles are available to members in PDF format for download.

5 Grid Samurai
Sample Samurai Sudoku puzzle

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If you prefer to play Samurai Sudoku in puzzle books, then take a look at the following great options:

Samurai Sudoku Book - 100 5-grid samurai puzzles
11-Grid Samurai Book - 100 11-grid samurai sudoku
13-Grid Book of Samurai Sudoku Puzzles - 100 13-grid samurai sudoku puzzles

samurai puzzle

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