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Chess Puzzle

Here is an interesting chess puzzle based on the moves the knight makes in the game of chess. As someone who plays chess, you will be more than familiar with the way that the knight is allowed to move.

There have been puzzles for a long time tracing the moves of the knight across the chess board. This puzzle is based on a similar idea - the knight visits all squares on the chess board exactly once, so if there are 36 squares on the particular board, then the knight makes exactly 36 moves, to visit each of the squares once.

In this puzzle, we have marked down the knights route across the chess board, and numbered the order in which it has visited certain cells. Can you work out through logic and your knowledge of how the knight moves in chess the rest of the journey, and thus fill in all the missing numbers?

chess puzzle

There is only one solution and you won't need to guess - you can work it out by thinking through the possible routes between squares that are given to solve this chess based puzzle.

Let us know whether you find it too easy or hard, and if you like it again tell us and we will look to add a range of this chess based puzzle to the site.

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