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How to play Codewords

Codewords is a fun game with simple rules, and a great test of your knowledge of the English language.

Every number in the codewords grid is 'code' for a letter of the alphabet. Thus the number '2' may correspond to the letter 'L', for instance.

All - except our Difficult codeword puzzles - come with a few letters to start you off. Your first move should be to enter these letters in the puzzle grid. Thus, if the letter 'S' is in the pink box at the bottom of the page underneath the number 2, your first move should be to find a cell numbered '2' in the grid and enter the letter 'S'.

Whenever you enter a letter in the codewords grid, all cells with that number will automatically update to save you manually finding-and-replacing all cells with that value. The pink boxes will also update automatically with your placed letter, and the list of letters A - Z at the bottom of the codeword page will update with a line-through the letter you just entered to cross it off.

At times you may make mistakes whilst solving a codeword! If you think these mistakes can't be repaired, then click 'Reset Grid' at the bottom, or if you really give up, click 'View Solution'.

For more minor mistakes whilst solving codewords, you can correct these on the player. For instance, if you entered 'R' for number 3, and now think it should really be a 'T' not an 'R', simply update one of the cells now containing 'R' with 'T'. All occurrences of 'R' on the grid will update to 'T'. The pink boxes will update accordingly, and the line-through 'R' will be removed and 'T' become crossed off instead.

Sometimes you might realise that you have placed a letter incorrectly on the codeword grid, but are not sure what the correct letter is. Imagine you thought number 3 represented 'R', but now think that can't be the case, but aren't sure what letter 3 really is the code for. In this instance, simply replace any instance of 'R' on the grid with the number 3. All 'R' cells will revert back to 3, and the letter 'R' will be removed from the pink box corresponding to the number 3 at the bottom of the page. The letter 'R' in the list of letters at the bottom of the page will also have the line through the letter removed.

In this way, entirely through using the codeword grid, you can solve all our codeword puzzles. Remember that at the end you should have a different letter of the alphabet in each of the numbered boxes 1 - 26, and a word in English in each of the horizontal and vertical runs on the codeword grid. Once satisfied with your answer, click 'View Solution' to ensure that you got it right!

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