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Fubuki Puzzles

If you've not yet come across this little puzzle, you're in for a treat! Fubuki is a fun game where you need to place each number from 1 to 9 in the grid just once. To work out where each number goes, you must note the values at the end of each row and column. These indicate the sum of the numbers in that row or column.

Using that information alone, you can solve the fubuki puzzle by logically working out what must go where, and there is only one valid solution for each puzzle so it is well worth taking the time to work out the answer.

See how well you get on with this sample puzzle, then members can tackle our 60 Fubuki Puzzles spread across easy, moderate and hard fubuki puzzles - crack those ones and you're a fubuki master!


Player Instructions:
Enter your answers directly into the grid. If you have more than one candidate number for a square, enter them into the square. The font will automatically become smaller to fit your choices. If you give up, click 'View Solution' below to reveal the answer in the grid. If you've completed the puzzle, click 'Check solution' to confirm you got it right!

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