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Jigsaw Sudoku Strategy

Jigsaw sudoku is a variation on the sudoku theme, also known as irregular sudoku. Both names are descriptive as they imply how it works - the regular 3 x 3 box shapes or 3 x 2 shapes are changed into different shapes that fit together to form the puzzle.

The hardest part of jigsaw sudoku is remembering that the individual shapes contain the numbers 1 - 6 or 1 - 9 only as well, and remembering to cross reference them when eliminating options.

When it comes to strategy for jigsaw sudoku, it really is all very similar to normal sudoku - indeed all the strategies used for standard sudoku apply, but the key is to remember the irregular or jigsaw shaped sets and to remember to use these to eliminate.

Once you get the hang of the irregular shapes, you should be able to employ all the usual strategies for solving sudoku.

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