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Kakuro Strategy Tips

Here we look at a couple more methods you can use to help solve kakuro.

Use Pencil marks

For all put the simplest kakuro puzzle, you should look to use pencil marks. This is where when you have reduced the possible combinations for a cell you write them in in a cell, so as to keep track of possibilities.

If you do not do this a puzzle will be a great deal harder to solve!

Learn Your Combinations

There is no substitute for learning combinations or at least having a table close to hand that contains the possible combinations for cells. Using this information you will instantly know which numbers could go in which cells and this will help you to solve a puzzle quickly.

For instance, if you want to make '9' from '2' cells, then do you instantly know the valid combinations of numbers that could be used to achieve this? There are quite a few of them! There are many tables that contain a list of possible numbers and combinations and it is worth having one of these to hand to help you solve your first few puzzles.

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