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Hitori Rules

Hitori has some simple rules that you need to learn before you can play the game. Here's how to play Hitori:

  • You start with a grid of any size filled with numbers. Some rows and columns will duplicate a number. The aim is to colour in cells so that an individual number never appears more than once in a particular row or column
  • The cells that you colour in must never be adjacent to each other: e.g. coloured cells cannot touch each other horizontally or vertically
  • All the cells that are left uncoloured (in their original state) must join together to form a single area. In other words, you must be able to move from any uncoloured cell to another uncoloured cell moving only horizontally and vertically, for any two cells chosen on the board.

How to Use our Hitori Player

We have created an online hitori player to enhance your enjoyment of this game. It is simple to use, here's how:

  • Press the 'down' arrow to colour in a cell. The cell will turn black, and the number white so as you know what it was.
  • If you colour in a cell by mistake, simply press the 'down' arrow again, in order to revert the cell to its original state
  • If you know a cell must be uncoloured, as colouring it in would isolate another uncoloured cell, then you can remind yourself of this fact by pressing the 'up' arrow, which will mark it yellow. Pressing the 'up' key repeatedly will toggle a cell between being yellow and its starting state
  • If you get totally stuck, click View Solution to see what the solution is
  • If you think you have finished, click 'Check Solution' which will tell you whether you are right or not, without revealing the answer should you have made a mistake
  • If you go horribly wrong, simply click Reset Grid to have another go
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