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Jigsaw Sudoku Rules

Jigsaw Sudoku is a fun variant on the sudoku theme, that provides a fun change to the standard sudoku puzzle. You may know Jigsaw sudoku as Irregular sudoku, another name for this variant

The rules are simple.

  • For our 6 x 6 grids: As with standard sudoku, every row and column must contain the numbers from 1 through 6 once and once only.
  • Unlike standard sudoku, the contents of each 3 x 2 do not need to contain the numbers 1 - 6 only
  • You will notice the grid is split into several different shapes; each shape is of a different colour. Each of these shapes must contain the numbers from 1 - 6 exactly once - these pieces slot together to make up the sudoku puzzle, hence the name Jigsaw Sudoku for this fun variant
  • For our 9 x 9 grids: As above, but each row, column and jigsaw or irregular shaped sudoku piece must contain 1 - 9 once and once only
  • The aim of the game is as per normal sudoku: you must complete the grid so as to satisfy the rules above, using logic alone: there is no need to guess and all our jigsaw sudoku puzzles have one unique solution

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