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Killer Sudoku Rules

Killer Sudoku is a delicious variant on the sudoku theme, that combines elements of the classic Sudoku game, blended with the skills needed to play another popular puzzle, Kakuro.

The rules are simple.

  • For a 6 x 6 grid: As with standard sudoku, every row and column and 3 x 2 rectangle must contain the numbers 1 through 6 exactly once. If the grid is 9 x 9, then every row and column and 3 x 3 square must contain the numbers 1 through 9 exactly once.
  • The grid is composed of shapes shaded in different colours. At the top left of each of those shapes is a number. This signifies the sum of the cells that make up that shape. Thus, if there is a shape composed of two cells with a '3' in the corner, the total of those cells is '3'. From that you can tell that the values of the cells must be '1' and '2' or '2' and '1'.
  • It is not permitted to repeat a number in a shape. Thus if you have a sum of 8 across three cells, this cannot be '2', '4', '2' as the '2' is then repeated in the shape.
  • You are not given any numbers placed in the grid to start you off unlike in normal sudoku; however you can work out every number with no guesswork but applying logic alone to reach the unique solution for each puzzle
  • Now try our Sample Killer Sudoku Puzzle and use our online player to show your mistakes as you go along whilst you are learning.
  • When you are confident you know how to play, why not challenge yourself to complete our Killer Sudoku puzzles listed below.

Killer Sudoku: Choose Your Puzzle

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