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KuroMasu Puzzles

Kuromasu is an absorbing Japanese puzzle game that you rarely see published in puzzle books in Britain, for those who have never played the puzzle here is a sample.

Kuromasu Instructions

Played on a familiar rectangular grid, some cells have numbers in, and in the final solution every cell is either white or black. You must determine through logic what colour every cell must be, there is only one solution.

Each number tells you how many white cells can be viewed in a straight line from that cell, including the cell itself, until either a black cell or the edge of the puzzle is encountered. Numbered cells can't be filled black for obvious reasions, and black cells may not be adjacent, but may touch diagonally. Finally, all white cells must be connected to each other, that is you should be able to move from any white cell on the grid to any other white cell by moving horizontally/vertically from cell to cell.

To mark a cell as black in the grid below, press the 'X' key. To turn that cell back to white if you need to, simply press the 'X' key again to toggle.

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