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Logic Puzzles - How to Solve

sample logic A logic puzzle consists of a scenario, an empty grid - like that to the right - , and a set of clues.

Using the clues and deduction alone, you need to work out how all the items or people mentioned in the scenario relate to each other. You end up with all this information recorded in a table at the bottom of the puzzle.

Every logic puzzle at Saidwhat has been created by hand, and they can all be solved without any guesswork.

To solve a logic puzzle, there are various methods. The key is to make use of the grid at the top of the page to cross off and tick the combinations that you have worked out.

You can either choose to work on the grid on the page, or print off the puzzle if you prefer to work offline - both methods are perfectly acceptable.

Read through each clue and make any obvious or stated deductions. Find the corresponding row and column on the grid and place a tick or 'Y' for 'Yes' in the box, and a cross or 'N' for No in the cells next to this one vertically and horizontally, within that mini box.

So, for instance, imagine we are told in the clues something like "Jackson sells Clothes" then we would mark it like so on the grid:

Once you have worked through all the clues once, you will have made several such marks on the grid. Remember that elimination of alternatives is a key method: for instance if we end up with an 'N' Against Olaf but antiques, clothes, computers and jewellery, then he must sell Stamps. That is where the grid is so important - it allows us to see the possibilities left with ease.

With all puzzles you will need to make some progress through eliminations. An important technique is to note those people or items that go together - in order to eliminate possibilities.

For instance, we now know that Jackson and Clothes go together. Therefore if we are told that the person who uses the Quicksell website didn't sell clothes, then we know TWO things to mark on the grid, not just one:

  • - We can place a cross in the box where Quicksell and Clothes intersect
  • - We can place a cross in the box where Jackson and Quicksell intersect

You will need to notice things like this - e.g. what follows from each piece of information - to solve our puzzles.

Finally, ensure that you read the clues carefully and note the use of 'not' on several occasions! When you finish or give up, the solution is always ready to be revealed at the bottom of the page.

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