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Vexus Instructions

A vexus puzzle will look like the one below but sometimes the grid will be a different size and contain a different number of white squares:

Each vexus puzzle is composed of a grid containing black and white cells; some of the white cells may already contain a number. Separate to the grid are a set of 'moves', each one represents a physical movement in the grid.

To solve a vexus puzzle you must fill in all white cells with the series of numbers from 1 to the number of white cells. In the example above this means that when the puzzle is completed the grid will contain the numbers 1 to 9.

The key constraint is that you must be able to link consecutive numbers together using each move once only. This means that one move must be used to travel from the number 1 cell to the number 2 cell, then a different move must be used to move from the 2 to the 3, and so on, up to 9.

The components of a move may be used in any order; e.g. the first move shown above represents a move of 2 cells left then 1 cell down or 1 cell down then 2 cells left. A move may not be broken down into more than two stages; e.g. 1 left, 1 down and then 1 left is an invalid move. Most importantly, a move may never take you over or through a black cell.

Vexus Hints

Here are a few hints to help you solve the puzzles:

Cross out each move as it is used so that you only use it once.

Start from any number already solved in the grid and try each remaining move to try to reach the next or previous number in the series. If only one move is valid then you can fill in the number you were trying to reach.

Remember that in order to reach a previous number you need to reverse the direction of the move.

Black cells restrict movement and you may be able to spot moves which can only start from one cell in the grid. This works particularly well for larger moves.

Use pencilmarks to note down possible locations of numbers.

Remember all puzzles have one unique solution.

Think you know how to play? Then try the Sample Vexus puzzle now!

Puzzles created by Vexus - you can view the Vexus website here.

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