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Colour Nonograms

nonogram Nonograms are puzzles whereby you must use logic to gradually fill certain cells in the puzzle grid. However there is also some artistic satisfaction to be achieved as the result will be an image formed in the shaded cells of the nonogram.

We have a selection of five colour nonogram puzzles for you to enjoy and complete online below. The name is a clue to the image that will be created when you solve the puzzle.

These colour nonograms have four colours and are 20 x 20 in size. If you are unsure how to play, the rules are simple: the numbers at the edge of the grid tell you how many cells in that row/column are filled, and what colour they are. Sections of the same colour next to each other in a region must be separated by at least one empty cell; sections of different colours may be immediately adjacent.

All these colour nonograms can be solved with logic alone, but you may need a little patience with some of the trickier ones; we hope you enjoy these puzzles! To use our online player, simply choose the desired colour from the selector at the top / bottom of the puzzle, and click in cells to make them that puzzle, or click again to blank them out - that's all there is to it!

Nonograms: Choose Your Puzzle!

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