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Welcome to the Puzzle Club Noticeboard.

We'll use this page to keep you up to date with regard any significant updates or changes that we make to the site: for instance, the introduction of yet more puzzles, or puzzles submitted by members and so on. Earliest updates first, most recent at the end.

January 2006

  • Puzzle Club Launched!
  • Added Lateral Thinking puzzles.
  • More hard and difficult hanjie puzzles added on demand!
  • Added Wordsearch puzzles.

February 2006

March 2006

  • Added sudoku generator: play loads more sudokus!
  • Added kakuro generator: play loads more kakuros!
  • Added extra set of CodeWords puzzles

April 2006

  • Added new section of Nurikabe Puzzles
  • Added Fillomino Puzzles
  • Added 20 More Hanjie Puzzles

May 2006

  • Added new puzzle: Sudoku X (40 puzzles)
  • Added new puzzle: Killer Sudoku (20 puzzles)
  • Created puzzle strategy section; we will be adding puzzle hints, tips and strategies here over time
  • Added 60 more Killer Sudoku puzzles: now 100 in total!
  • Added new puzzle: Hitori to the site: 20 puzzles
  • Added new puzzle: Light Up to the site: 10 puzzles
  • Added new puzzle! 100 Jigsaw Sudoku puzzles added

June 2006

  • Added 10 more fillomino puzzles
  • Added more strategy hints and tips
  • Added more CodeWords puzzles
  • Added 60 more sudoku X puzzles
  • Added 100 Killer Sudoku X puzzles (new puzzle!)

July 2006

  • Added 100 more graded difficulty sudoku puzzles
  • Added 100 more Sudoku X puzzles
  • Added 100 more Killer Sudoku puzzles
  • Added new CodeWords grid
  • Added 60 new, larger Killer Sudoku puzzles (9 x 9 grid size)
  • Added 100 new, larger Jigsaw Sudoku puzzles (9 x 9 grid size)
  • Added 50 new hanjie puzzles
  • Added 40 more CodeWords puzzles

August 2006

  • Added new puzzle: 100 Word Ladder puzzles
  • Added another 100 CodeWords puzzles
  • Added 100 Word Place Puzzles
  • New puzzle added: 100 A to Z puzzles

September 2006

  • Added new puzzle: 100 Slash Sudoku puzzles

October 2006

  • Added new puzzle: slitherlink / loopy joins the selection of Puzzle Club puzzles: there are now over 20 different types of puzzles for you to enjoy at the Puzzle Club!
  • Added new puzzle: 100 Toroidal Sudoku puzzles added
  • Added new puzzle: 100 Offset Sudoku puzzles added

November 2006

  • Added new puzzle: 100 Extra Region Sudokus added!
  • Added new puzzle: 100 Logi-5 Puzzles added!
  • Added new puzzle: 100 Futoshiki puzzles added!

December 2006

  • Made the Word Search interactive on member suggestion

February 2007

  • New puzzle! The addictive Vexus puzzle has been added to the ranks of rare puzzles on the Puzzle Club

March 2007

  • Added 9 x 9 toroidal sudokus (hard!)
  • Added puzzle selection page, e.g. toroidal sudoku X

July 2007

  • Added Samurai Sudoku puzzles
  • New Puzzle added! Isolate puzzles added

August 2007

  • Giant samurai added under 'Other Puzzles'. Want more miscellaneous puzzles? Let us know!

October 2007

  • Added mental arithmetic puzzles
  • Added maths sequence puzzles
  • Added word anagram puzzles
  • Added word play puzzles
  • Added Odd/Even sudoku puzzles
  • Added ABC Logic Puzzles: great fun little logic puzzle!

November 2007

  • New puzzle added! 60 Fubuki puzzles added to Puzzle Club

February 2008

  • Ratings system: started rolling out ability to mark puzzles as finished and rate and comment on them
September 2008
  • New puzzle added! Introduced the Modula logic puzzle to the Puzzle Club

December 2008

  • New puzzle added! Colour Nonogram puzzles now added!

April 2009

  • New puzzle added! Hidoku logic puzzles added!

November 2009

  • New puzzle added! Killer Calcudoku added!

January 2010

  • New puzzle added! Printable Bridges / Hashi puzzles added!
  • New puzzle added! Printable Shikaku puzzles added!
  • New puzzle added! Printable Arrow Word puzzles added!

March 2010

  • New puzzle added! Printable SkyScraper puzzles added!
  • Puzzle of the day printable puzzles added!

April 2011

  • Printable Battleships puzzles added!
  • New puzzle added! Number squares come to the Puzzle Club!

September 2013

  • Various small tweaks and amends made!

December 2013

  • Changed the 100 hanjie puzzles and uploaded a new, enhanced hanjie player to improve the playing experience!
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