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Nurikabe is a fun puzzle! Get a taste of nurikabe with our sample puzzle below. Before you start, here are the rules of Nurikabe:

  • You can only fill in empty cells. These represent the water between islands.
  • Filled cells must all be connected together in one group
  • White cells must be continuous and form what are called 'islands'
  • Islands are composed of the number of cells stated
  • Every island must contain one value of number only, repeated in each cell of that island
  • Islands must not touch other islands (that's why they are islands!)
  • Four cells in a 2x2 square cannot all be filled

Armed with the rules, have a go at this sample nurikable puzzle. Mark filled cells by pressing 'X' in them. Press 'X' again to clear the cell if you make a mistake. To mark the shape of the islands, enter the relevant value in each cell of that island. For instance, to mark out the shape of an island with 4 cells, enter the number '4' in each cell that is part of that island.

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