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Puzzle Selection: Heyawake

Here is a Heyawake puzzle for you to play. The rules are below the puzzle:

Here are the rules of heyawake:

The puzzle is divided into rooms, here shown by different colours. Some rooms have numbers in. These rooms must have the designated number of cells painted black. Other rooms may have zero or more cells painted black.

Using the Heyawake Player

To mark a cell as painted black, click on that cell. Click again if you make a mistake to return to its original state.

If you wish to mark a cell with an 'x' or any other character to remind yourself it cannot be painted black, just double click the relevant cell and enter 'x' or whatever marker you like.

To help you determine which cells are painted, follow these rules:

- Filled cells must not be adjacent to each other

- All non-filled cells must be interconnected

- A straight line of unpainted cells must not extend through more than two rooms

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