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Wordwheels: How to Play

Wordwheels are a fun and simple puzzle to play. wordwheel

You start with a grid like that to the right. You will notice that there is one letter in blue in the centre, and the rest of the letters (eight) surround it in the wheel. The actual puzzle wheels are much larger, but follow the same format.

The letter in the centre is special, because all the words that you construct must make use of that centre letter. Any word of three letters or more counts as valid, though plurals are not allowed. Non-plural words ending in 's' are, of course, fine.

You must not use a letter from the wheel more than once in an answer. All our wordwheels also have at least one nine letter word that you can make from the letters. Therefore many people like to play these puzzles so as to see the nine letter word.

Therefore on each puzzle we have a link which when clicked will reveal the nine letter word for those who wish to play the puzzles in this manner. Have fun!

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