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A Hanjie Puzzle Consists of a grid like that below, and may be of any width or height. The aim is to fill in the number of squares specified in each row and column to create a picture.

Typically, the larger the grid the harder the puzzle though this does not always follow. You will notice at the top and left of the puzzle are a set of numbers. These indicate which cells within the grid are to be filled in.

For instance:

  • A '1' next to a column indicates one cell is to be coloured in in that column
  • A '3' means that three cells should be coloured in that column
  • A '1, 1' means that there are two cells coloured in total; and there is a gap of at least one blank (non-filled) square between the two filled squares

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Focus on the rows and columns with the largest numbers next to them first
  • If the total for a row or column is more than half the number of cells in that row or column, you can instantly place at least one cell
  • Remember that cross-referencing is the key to solving these puzzles
  • Each time you place a cell, check how it affects the other rows and columns
  • It is also important to work out where a filled cell cannot be

Like any puzzle, hanjie takes practice, and you will get quicker at working out possibilities over time. All our puzzles can be solved with no guesswork required - through deduction alone - and there is only one solution for each puzzle. You will end up with a picture, for instance if the puzzle was called snowman, you might get a picture like this once complete!
Hanjie solved

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