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Solving Logic Puzzles

Logic puzzles are great fun, but can be mind boggling for those who are not naturally able to cross reference and eliminate from the information given.

The biggest strategy or hint for solving logic puzzles is practice - it really does help you spot eliminations and connections more obviously.

The next tip is to use all the available support you have. You usually have a grid at the top where you can tick and cross, and also a grid at the bottom to fill in the connections that you know so far. Use these whenever you have made a deduction.

The absolute essential strategy you must employ is this: every time you get a new piece of information, as well as the immediate deduction, review the entire set of clues you have already received to see what new information you have gleaned and therefore to make further eliminations.

For an actual example of a piece of deduction in a logic puzzle, and a sample logic puzzle grid, take a look at: How to solve logic puzzles

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