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Welcome to the Slitherlink or Loopy section of the Puzzle Club.

Slitherlink is a popular Japanese puzzle game, though it is not seen in the rest of the world as commonly as other smash hits like sudoku.

The aim of slitherlink is to create a single continuous loop, hence it is sometimes called 'loopy'.

Read our Slitherlink Instructions and find out how to use our Online Slitherlink Player

You can play a Sample Easy Slitherlink puzzle to get you into the swing of things and then try a Standard Slitherlink Sample Puzzle.

slitherlink slitherlink
Easy Slitherlink

Puzzle 1
Puzzle 2
Puzzle 3
Puzzle 4
Puzzle 5
Puzzle 6
Puzzle 7
Puzzle 8
Puzzle 9
Puzzle 10

Moderate Slitherlink

Puzzle 11
Puzzle 12
Puzzle 13
Puzzle 14
Puzzle 15
Puzzle 16
Puzzle 17
Puzzle 18
Puzzle 19
Puzzle 20

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